Located in Lilliwaup, Washington

Lilliwaup FallsLilliwaup Falls Generating Company is a small hydro-electric generating plant just outside of the town of Lilliwaup, Washington on Hood Canal. The plant has seven 200kw turbine generators that produce electricity from the waters of Lilliwaup Creek.

The facility has been generating electricity since 1985. The plant and property were acquired in 1989 by the current owner and the plant ran successfully until January 2006, when severe weather caused a massive landslide which destroyed a critical steel truss and concrete flume downstream from the plant’s intake, rendering in inoperable.

Additionally, a flash flood on Lilliwaup Creek in December 2006 severely damaged the intake structure, destroyed the trash racks and dislodged the protective ecology blocks.

Since that time, the owner has been assessing the damage and the practicality of returning the plant to full operation.

In 2011, the owner commissioned a feasibility study to determine the cost of repairing the damage and updating the control and management systems. The study was completed in 2013.

The owner has decided to move forward with the repair of the damage. Work will begin in July 2014, with completion estimated for mid-October 2014. Engineering work and drawings are complete, financing has been arranged, all public hearings have been held with no dissent registered, and all permits are in hand. Completion will be a benefit to Mason County and an addition to the supply of renewable energy.

The site will be updated as construction progress is achieved.




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